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SA001 – Overhead Safety

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What is SA001 Overhead Safety Training?

The SA001 – Overhead Safety course provides learners with the knowledge and skills of the hazards and potential risks involved in working safely on ladders and wooden poles in a telecommunications environment. The accreditation will test learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding of dangers associated with these works and the safety precautions required while working on ladders and wooden poles. In addition, this course will develop delegates awareness of compliance with health and safety legislation.

This accreditation ensures that delegates involved in working on ladders and poles are suitably trained and accredited to the National Occupational Standard (NOS).

This accreditation does not cover rooftop working.

SA001 Overhead Safety - Key Information

Overhead Safety Course Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to work safely
  • Be able to access a pole using a ladder
  • Know relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice
  • Know how to access a pole using a ladder
  • Know how to carry out pole checking
  • Know how to work safely on joint user poles

SA001A – Awareness course

In addition to the main course, we also offer the SA001A course, an awareness course aimed at Supervisors, Managers and Surveyors. This one spans a single day instead of the three-day course and is a condensed version of the SA001 course.

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SA001 Overhead Safety Course Content

The SA001 accreditation covers three modules over the duration of the course:

  • Ladder safety
  • Pole checking and climbing
  • Joint user poles

You will be assessed via your theory and practical assessments, on the following criteria:

  • Identify the hazards and risks associated with the working area and the proposed work
  • Work in a way which maintains health and safety and is consistent with relevant legislation and industry good practice
  • Use correct manual handling techniques
  • Use climbing equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Complete safety checks for all ladders and steps to be used
  • Carry out work to minimise environmental damage
  • Perform a hazard evaluation and Work at Height assessment of the pole prior to commencing the work
  • Inspect access equipment to ensure it is safe and fit for use under manufacturer’s instructions and relevant legislation
  • Use access and positioning methods appropriate to the assessed risk
  • Use appropriate positioning techniques
  • Carry out safe climbing of a ladder
  • Descend pole in a controlled manner and remove equipment appropriately
  • Outline the key health and safety legislation and industry good practice
  • Outline the key health and safety regulations that need to be observed when working at height
  • Describe how to use and maintain tools, equipment, and personal protective equipment
  • Outline the emergency planning procedures relevant to the work area
  • Describe different methods used to safely access a pole
  • Describe different positioning techniques
  • Describe how to ensure that access equipment and systems are in safe working order
  • Describe how to work safely on ladders and step ladders
  • Describe how to erect and guard a ladder
  • Outline how to secure a ladder against a solid structure
  • Outline how to correctly check that the ladder is stable and is safe for working on
  • Outline how to secure a ladder with a knot, raise tools to the working position and adopt a safe drilling position
  • Identify pole markings
  • Identify sterile poles
  • Outline pre-works check
  • Describe the pole test process
  • Describe the low wire procedure
  • Outline how to overcome obstacles on poles
  • Describe how to turn on a pole
  • Outline safe climb zone
  • Outline how to recognise low and high voltage poles
  • State how to access joint user poles Describe how to work safely on joint user poles

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Please be aware the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) requires at least one person on site to hold a Street Works card to work on the highway.

This Smart Awards accreditation is based on a pre-requisite that any work on the highway requires appropriate Street Works accreditation to be held by an individual working on site, and that this individual is qualified to check that the planned provision of footways, traffic lanes and safety zones determined by the site survey meets with the requirements of the site location and approved procedures and practices required by the NRSWA 1991.

Some companies’ policies may vary where more than one person on site is required to hold a valid Street Works card.

Assessment and Certification


The course includes both a practical and a theory assessment.

  • Practical Assessment – where you will demonstrate your knowledge of practical tasks
  • Theory test which is composed of multiple-choice questions


This Smart Awards certificate is valid for 3 years, you will then need to complete the course again or attend a refresher course if available, to renew your qualification.


Smart Awards also offers its Network Operative Passport Scheme.

Managed and administered by Smart Awards, the card you receive has a unique QR code When the card is scanned by employers or site managers with granted access, they will be able to securely view all the information about your Awards qualifications, including when the course was taken and what the expiry dates are.

No longer do you need to hold several different cards for each of your qualifications – hold them all on one system which is updated within a couple of weeks of achieving your qualification.

Find out more information about the NOPS card here.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements and Smart Awards will not restrict access on the grounds of prior academic attainment, age, employment, geographic location or any other grounds.
Smart Awards state that by having no prerequisites, there are no barriers that restrict access or progression, thereby promoting equality. It is expected however that learners will have a level of literacy adequate to cope with both the theory and practical assessments.

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Brochures for SA001 – Overhead Safety

Please download the course overview brochure below, easy to print and email if you need to share course information with a manager or colleague.

SA001 - Overhead Safety Fact Sheet

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