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  • Why Invest in an IOSH Membership?

Why Invest in an IOSH Membership?

Having an IOSH membership is a requirement for many health and safety jobs. However, an IOSH membership offers so much more than just a tick box on your CV. IOSH’s 5 year strategy, ‘Work 2022’ provided many new benefits for members.

IOSH membership and Work 2022

2.3 million people are losing their lives due to work-related accidents or illnesses every year. Millions more are injured or in poor health, pain or incapacity by injury. These stark figures are enough to make anyone ask “In the 21st Century, why are we still hearing statistics like this?”. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that IOSH stated these when it launched Work 2022 at the Middle East Conference in Qatar in April 2017. Referring to their wider vision: a safe and healthy world of work, Work 2022 defined how IOSH would lead the Health and Safety profession to move towards achieving this. What they proposed was bold. Although many said it was ambitious, what they had in store would have a great impact, especially in terms of what an membership would offer – if they could pull it off.

Their action plan included three strategic pillars, with the collaborative aim to have a significant impact on the working lives of people all over the world. The three strategies were: Enhance, Collaborate and Influence.

  • ENHANCE: support the OSH profession through a wider range of continual professional development (CPD) opportunities for its members.
  • COLLABORATE: gain strategic partnerships with organisations to impart knowledge and support businesses in chosen territories to share the IOSH vision of a safe and healthy workplace.
  • INFLUENCE: empower safety and health professionals across the world, therefore increasing IOSH’s global influence and creating a network of knowledge, learning and sharing.

IOSH have introduced many new IOSH Membership Benefits as a result of their Work 2022 strategy. The strategic pillars ‘Enhance’ and ‘Influence’, which are broken down in the tables below, highlight what IOSH have achieved for their members and the wider health and safety community.

What were the outcomes of IOSH Work 2022?

As the Work 2022 strategy has come to the end of its journey, IOSH arranged an external evaluation to build on their next one – learning lessons and building on successes to inform their next strategic plan. Some of what they implemented under there three strategies are listed below:


Enhance the status of the H&S profession

Enhance the capabilities of members of the H&S profession

Make the H&S industry a first-choice career

Provide structure and progression for H&S careers

Increase the investment in H&S training within workforces

Work 2022 Outcomes

Date implemented

  • New competency framework


  • New qualification launched (NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business)


  • Student Membership launched


  • Career hub launched


  • Future Leaders community launched


  • Online mentoring programme


  • Self-assessment tool made as part of the professional Journey Programme


  • New CPD system





  • Maximise the benefits of good H&S at work to businesses
  • Directly influence H&S standards
  • Gain key partners in target territories


Work 2022 Outcomes 2017-2022
  • Supported Malaysian Ministries strengthen their national plan and occupational safety and health laws
  • Collaborated with the Ministry of Manpower on several initiatives including Workplace Safety and Health Conference
  • Help to build the standards of safety and health in Ghana and Nigeria
  •  Launched “Healthy Profit”: the case for all business to invest in OSH
  •  Became a non-profit member of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) global initiative.




  • Use connections around the world to ensure the latest H&S knowledge is understood
  • Use their expertise and reputation to ensure the latest H&S knowledge is understood
  • Health and safety issues is translated into tangible, positive results on the ground

Work 2022 Outcomes

Date implemented

  • IOSH Magazine relaunched


  • Renewed Research Strategy aligned with 6 Priorities covering non-health-related fatalities and Musculoskeletal disorders


(paused due to covid)

  • 3,500 hours of new continuing professional development material for members to support them in using the competency framework


  • Student Membership launched


  • Career hub launched


What does it all mean?

The evaluator of the strategy called the Work 2022 plan ‘ambitious when it didn’t have to be’. This really encompasses what IOSH is all about, and shows their dedication to raising the standards, awareness and maintaining the admirable reputation Of Occupational Health and Safety.

The IOSH news here is If you are considering a career in health and safety, have just started your career journey or have taken an IOSH course and really enjoyed what you learned, this is a report you should take note of. This is because it is a celebration of IOSH’s commitment to the future of occupational safety and health across the world and their dedication to their members. If health and safety is an industry you are interested in, look closely at the ‘Enhance’ strand of their Work 2022 strategy as there are great new advantages to being an IOSH member with what they have implemented.

New IOSH membership benefits

The ‘Future Leaders’ community launched in November 2019 and at the publication date of the Work 2022 evaluation has included 3 conferences, 15 webinars, monthly opinion pieces, quarterly podcasts, university presentations and a dedicated LinkedIn group. Future Leaders also has a dedicated section within the IOSH Magazine (released every 2 months).

Also, a student membership is now available. If you are studying an IOSH-accredited Occupational Health and Safety qualification on a full-time or part-time basis, or are a Safety, Health and Environment technical apprentice, they you can apply. Among the many benefits of being a student member are the IOSH Mentoring Programme, career support and advice from the career hub, and access to technical knowledge, research, the newsletters and IOSH magazine to grow and expand your knowledge.

The new CPD programme includes an assessment tool which you use to assess your current knowledge and skills level to build a personal development plan. The tool will then suggest development ideas and activities based on your outcome of the assessment. It takes into account your aspirations and your career stage.

Finally, the Mentoring Programme is another huge benefit of IOSH membership. Whether you have had a career in health and safety for 10 years or are just starting out, you can become a mentor or mentee, you will enhance your skills either way.

Should I become an IOSH Member?

It is true to say that now, more than ever before, an IOSH membership at any level has a lot to offer because of the Work 2022 initiatives. A career in health and safety is a rewarding one, and with the many benefits that IOSH has enhanced its membership with, there has never been a better time to join and start your journey with them through your career. With the CPD they offer through their various membership levels – perhaps you will become one of the leaders of the future after investing in an IOSH course or membership!